Marco O.

Anno stage: 2014 - 2015

My first impact at China-Wi has been significant for my personal growth, either for my graduation, and afterwards for my job career.This opportunity has allowed me to prepare my degree thesis through a tangible experience about economic and managerial knowledge, acquired during my university studies. Moreover, the “on the job” experience gave me the opportunity to improve my know-how, focusing my attention especially on trade marketing and international trade flows. The current economic scenario, merely based on worldwide trade, gave more importance to the intrinsic value of this experience, putting me in contact with this commercial reality day by day.In the end, the fieldwork inside China-Wi gave me the possibility to show part of my potential thanks to the large investment on young human resources by the company; Since then, in fact, I’m growing in this company, following the natural educational path of my studies, in a highly dynamic and competitive place as Worldwide Trade Market.China-Wi was my Winning idea.