Edoardo O.

Anno stage: 2014 - 2015

My name is Edoardo, I am 23 years old and I’m studying law at the university of Florence. My last year experience at China-Wi involved spending ten days in one of the most international and multicultural city, Shanghai. The time I had there was short because of my exams in Florence, but it was extremely intense. My determination to undertake this unique experience stemmed from my intention to add an International perspective to my studies while also acquiring deeper insight into a practical and businesslike area. I wanted to challenge myself and push my limits away, and I derived great satisfaction from it. As soon as I arrived the general manager gave me some informations about the basis of the society’s activities, focusing on the tasks I should have carried out. The tasks to perform were quite easy, as my knowledge of economic discipline was not so technical and deep, but at the end of the journey I was able to write up an order. During this period I often asked for advices and suggestions to my colleagues, who were always very kind and helpful. Among all my colleagues only Noemi, the general manager, could speak Italian, while all the

others were from China, between 20-30 years old, speaking English language slightly better than Italians like me who come from high-school with just some basis of general English.
Despite that, there were not misunderstandings, but the awareness that becoming a well-rounded professional requires an international education also prompted me to seek proficiency in English, an interest that I am cultivating taking English classes. For this reason next September I am going to strengthen my English attending intensive classes abroad.In addition to the work at the office i took part in a great food exhibition.I think that this kind of experience is recommended not only to those who intend to work in the future in the field of trade, but also to people like me who does not have a clear idea of their future and intend to know more areas of work before choosing their.Shanghai, as well as China in general, deserves to be known by us guys no matter whatever you do or intends to do in life, given the many job opportunities that this country offers. And working at the China-Wi grants you a complete and educational overview.