Augusto D.

Anno stage: 2015

Work in China for a Trading Company based in Shanghai is exactly what i didn’t expected to doafter my graduation. I’m graduated in Philosophy and the world of International Trading is quitedifferent from my cultural formation, but this was not a stabling block for apply as an intern inChina-Wi.I’m really glad to China-Wi for giving me this opportunity to rediscover myself. The atmospherethat you breath while working in this multicultural team it’s full with positivity and determination, the“big family behave” contributes to insert oneself in the team without any difficulties, in line to havethe best Far East working experience.I had the occasion to enter deeply into the Trading activities, from the making of Q.C. directly intoManufactures, to work even to personal projects. Into China-Wi age is just a number, dedicationand diligence are well awarded in everyone, and if you have an idea or an intuition the companyclimate puts
oneself in the condition to display abd develop his ideas. I’m a 21 years old making my first steps in the working world, full with all the anxiety and thenatural fears of the future as every young man embarking on life.Talking essentially in a personal manner, i could assert that this working-life experience gave methe chance to rise to the occasion, but above all i get the possibility to begin building the selfconfidence and the self awareness necessary to start my life as an adult.I think this is the most significant aspect of an internship, the core is not into the mere workingexperience, it’s not into learning how to do a job (relevant as well, of course), the hearth of why ayoung man embarking on life has to do an internship is contained in the chance to find out whatyou are, to find out what you can do, to build yourself as an aware young adult. AndChina-Wiit’s the best place to start working to yourself.